About EQL

Think about us as an extension of your business

In a perfect world installations go to plan, but we know that is not always the case.

What products are out there? How do I find the right products?

It should not be difficult to find a supplier who knows and supports their products.

A lot of suppliers claim to know their product or support you but choosing the wrong supplier from the start affects the entire project. If the wrong product is chosen from the start it can have consequences for rest of the project, costing more time and resource. Worst of all, there is no support.

Imagine dealing with a company that understands what you need and, how to make your installs simpler and have the support when things do not go to plan.

Being in the industry since 2001 we know the issues and problems that can arise and have searched the world for products and solutions to make projects simpler.

EQL was formed after seeing the frustration and lack of support given when needed. We are here to help and to be an extension of your business and give you the support you need.

At EQL we think different to innovate how people connect with their world.

Dedicated Sales Support

Our friendly staff are available to provide an extremely high level of sales, post sales and technical support to our customers. Give us a call at +61 2 9824 5680 for any additional help.

* Your call will not be answered by an automated call processing system and placed in a queue with long wait times.


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