SLL24L/White – Sharpmark Cable Labels

  • Self-Laminating, Wrap-Round Style
  • These cable labels are designed to wrap round the cable, laminating it as they are applied to create a durable, easy-to-read cable label.
  • The top third of our cable labels are the print area, and the bottom two thirds of our cable labels are clear polyester which over-laminates the printed part once applied.
  • Made from adhesive polyester.
  • Supplied on A4 sheets.
  • Suitable for all standard desktop office laser printers
Technical Specifications:
Label Material:Matt transparent polyester, laser printable.
Adhesive:Permanent acrylic, specially designed for synthetic face materials, with excellent clarity, UV stability, good water resistance, good adhesion and good heat resistance.
Minimum Application Temp:+5°C
Service Temp:-20°C to +100°C
Printers:Suitable for most desktop laser printers. Not recommended for use with commercial laser printers / copiers due to their heat levels. Not suitable for use with inkjet printers.
Part NumberLabel Size (h x w) mmPrint Area (h x w) mmMax Cable DiameterLabels Per SheetSheets (Labels) Per Pack
SLL4L/White38 x 12.712.7 x 12.78 mm10510 (1050)
SLL10L/White38 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm4910 (490)
SLL10L/White-2138 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm4921 (1029)
SLL10L/White-10538 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm49105 (5145)
SLL10L/White-21038 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm49210 (10290)
SLL10L/Blue38 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm4910 (490)
SLL10L/Green38 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm4910 (490)
SLL10L/Red38 x 25.412.7 x 25.48 mm4910 (490)
SLL12L/White57 x 25.419 x 25.412 mm3530 (1050)
SLL24L/White140 x 25.430 x 25.435 mm1430 (420)