FT-801 – Fast Ethernet over Fibre Media Converters

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100Base-T to 100Base-FX (ST, MM) Fast Ethernet Fiber

  • Complies with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u 10/100BASE-TX, 100BASE-FX standard
  • Connectors: One RJ45 (auto-MDI/MDI-X) twisted pair, EIA568
  • One fiber-optic, 1310nm wavelength, connector type and distance vary with model – FT-806A20 / FT-806A60: Tx-1310nm, Rx-1550nm – FT-806B20 / FT-806B60: Tx-1550nm, Rx-1310nm
  • Data Transfer Rate: – TP: 10/100Mbps – FX: 100Mbps
  • Duplex mode support: – Full or half-duplex mode by auto-negotiation (TP) – Full or half-duplex mode by DIP switch (FX)
  • DIP switch: 2 DIP switches – Rear DIP switch: FX duplex mode selection – Side DIP switch: LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) mode selection
  • IEEE 802.3x Full-Duplex Flow-Control and Back-Pressure in Half-Duplex eliminate the loss of packets
ProtocolIEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-FX IEEE 802.3x, Flow Control
Dimensions (W x D x H)97 x 69 x 26 mm
Power Input5V DC, 2A, max.
Power SupplyAC Adapter 100-240VAC Frequency: 50-60Hz
EnclosureCompact-sized metal housing Case with anticorrosion treatment Electrostatic paint
Connectors and Cables
Shielded Twisted-pairRJ45, Category 5 (EIA/TIA 568)
Fiber-opticFT-801 : ST / Multi-mode / 2km FT-802 : SC / Multi-mode / 2km FT-803: MTRJ / Multi-mode / 2km FT-802S15 : SC / Single mode / 15km FT-802S35 : SC / Single mode / 35km FT-802S50 : SC / Single mode / 50km FT-806A20: WDM SC / Single mode / 20km FT-806B20: WDM SC / Single mode / 20km FT-806A60: WDM SC / Single mode / 60km FT-806B60: WDM SC / Single mode / 60km
Multi-mode Cable50/125, 62.5/125 µm
Single-mode (SM) Cable9/125 µm
Optic WavelengthFT-801: 1310nm FT-802: 1310nm FT-803: 1310nm FT-802S15: 1310nm FT-802S35: 1310nm FT-802S50: 1310nm FT-806A20: TX: 1310nm; RX: 1550nm FT-806B20: TX: 1550nm; RX: 1310nm FT-806A60: TX: 1310nm; RX: 1550nm FT-806B60: TX: 1550nm; RX: 1310nm
Max. Launch Power (dBm)FT-801: -14 FT-802: -14 FT-803: -14 FT-802S15:0 FT-802S35:-8 FT-802S50:0 FT-806A20:-8 FT-806B20:-8 FT-806A60:0 FT-806B60:0
Min. Launch Power (dBm)FT-801: -20 (62.5/125µm), -23.5 (50/125µm) FT-802: -20 (62.5/125µm), -23.5 (50/125µm) FT-803: -20 (62.5/125µm), -23.5 (50/125µm) FT-802S15: −20 FT-802S35: -15 FT-802S50:-5 FT-806A20:-14 FT-806B20:-14 FT-806A60:-5 FT-806B60:-5
Receive Sensitivity (dBm)FT-801: -31.8 FT-802: -31.8 FT-803: -31.8 FT-802S15: -32 FT-802S35:-34 FT-802S50: -35 FT-806A20:-31 FT-806B20:-31 FT-806A60:-34 FT-806B60:-34
Maximum Input Power (dBm)FT-801: -14 FT-802: -14 FT-803: -14 FT-802S15:0 FT-802S35:0 FT-802S50:0 FT-806A20:0 FT-806B20:0 FT-806A60:0 FT-806B60:0
Supported Distances and Functions
Shielded Twisted-pair100m (328 ft.)
Multi-mode Fiber Optic412m (1,350 ft.) (half-duplex) 2km (1.2 miles) (full-duplex)
Single-mode (SM)412m (1,350 ft.) (half-duplex) 15km (9 miles) (full-duplex) 20km (12 miles) (full-duplex) 35km (21 miles) (full-duplex) 50km (31 miles) (full-duplex) 60km (37 miles) (full-duplex)
Port ModeTP: Half and full duplex, auto-negotiation FX: Half and full duplex via DIP switch
Environment & Emissions
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 0~50 degrees C Humidity: 5~90% non-condensing
Storage EnvironmentTemperature: -40~70 degrees C Humidity: 5~90% non-condensing
EmissionsFCC Class A, CE Class A