EC4BNC – 4 Port BNC Splitter

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The EQL EC4BNC is an adaptor used to split a BNC signal four ways. It ships with the standard POE-IPC-6002-KIT, POE-IPC-6003-KIT, and POE-IPC-6004-KIT, but can also be purchased individually.

  • 4 Port BNC Splitter
  • BNC Male to 4 BNC Female Coax Connectors.
  • For Ethernet over Coax
  • May be used mid span along a wire run whenever coax spitting is required.
  • Is not intended for us with analog or CATV video transmission.

The EC4BNC coax splitter adaptor allows up to four camera-end EoC transceiver coax cables to be connected to one control-end EoC transceiver. Ideally the ECBNC4 should be placed near the transmitter to maximise transmission distance.