E40365 – BNC Male to BNC Male Straight Adapter

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EQL BNC Male Inline Adaptor E40365

BNC Male to BNC Male Straight Adaptor

BNC Male Characteristics

Impedance: 50 or 75 nominal ohm with 75 ohm Standard.
Frequency Range: DC to 1.5 GHz Standard
Voltage Rating: Up to 500 Vrms
Dielectric Rating: Up to 1500 Vrms for 1 minute
VSWR: 1.25 max
Insertion Loss: 0.25dB + 0.1db @ 1 GHz
2 stud bayonet coupling to M39012  
Centre conductor is solder type  
Braid/Jacket is crimp type  
Cable retention of crimp 10 Kg min  
Part: Materials / Finish:
Connector Body: Brass / Nickel
Pin: Brass / Gold
Crimp Ferrule: Brass / Nickel
Insulator: PTFE
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