E10645 – HDTV Balun

Part Number: E10645 Category

In many applications, video signal is carried over 75 ohm coaxial cabling and there is a need to convert to balanced transmission using lower cost 100 ohm twisted pair cables. These HDTV Baluns enable 1 Component video signal (YPbPR or RGB) and 1 Digital Audio signal to be interfaced using coaxial on one side to shielded twisted pair cabling on the other to achieve quick and reliable connections. Used in pairs, the HDTV Baluns support 480i/p, 720p and 1080i/p video formats for hi-definition video applications.

  • Offers 1 Component Video signal & 1 Digital Audio signal into 1 RJ45 socket.
  • High Reliability and Durability
  • Housed in a fire retardant wall mountable Case
  • Impedance 75 to 100 Ohm
  • Low cost, high quality and performance
  • Passive device (no power supply required)
  • Stable over working temperature between 0 °C to +55 °C
Bandwidth:Video: DC t0 60MHz, 3dB roll off Audio: DC to 25MHz, 1dB roll off
Insertion Loss:Video: 1dB to 2.5dB over frequency range Audio: > 1dB over the frequency range
Impedance:75 ohm Coaxial, 100 ohm RJ45
Maximum Signal Voltage:1.1 Vp-p
Return Loss:Video: > 15dB over the frequency range Audio: >1 5dB over the frequency range
Connectors:3 RCA Male: Green (Y), Blue (Pb), Red (Pr) 1 RCA Female for Digital Audio 1 Shielded RJ45 Socket for twisted pair
RJ45 Contacts:Gold, 50 micro inch
Pin Configuration:Red (Pr): Pins 7+, 8- Green (Y): Pins 6+, 3- Blue (Pb): Pins 2+, 1- Audio: Pins 5+, 4- Reverse Polarity Sensitive
Temperature Range:0 to 55 oC operating, 95% Relative Humidity
Casing:Fire Retardant Plastic ABS UL 94V-0
Maximum Distance:Colour: 480i/p: Up to 250 m Cat 5e 720p: Up to 100 m Cat 5e 1080i/p: Up to 100 m Cat 5e Audio: Up to 150 m Cat 5e