E10180TC – BNC Male Video Balun 100 mm Tail Quick Connect IDC

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Part Number:E10180TC

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In many security applications, video signal is carried over 75 ohm coaxial cabling and there is a need to convert to balanced transmission using lower cost 100 ohm Cat 5 twisted pair cables.

The E10180TC video balun will enable video signal carried on Cat 5 cable to be converted to BNC coaxial interface for direct connection to the DVR.  The mini coaxial tail of the BNC Male will allow ease of installation at the DVR end where space is often limited.

  • 1 video path from BNC Male with 100 mm mini coaxial cable to Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC)
  • Terminate twisted pair directly onto IDC using tool provided with IDC
  • Bi-directional signal conversion
  • High Reliability and Durability
  • Housed in a fire retardant wall mountable Case
  • Impedance 75 to 100 Ohm
  • High quality and performance
  • Passive device (no power supply required)
  • Stable over working temperature between 0 oC to +55 oC
E10180TC - BNC Male Video Balun 100 mm Tail Quick Connect IDC
Bandwidth: DC to 8 MHz
Insertion Loss: < 2 dB to 8 MHz
Impedance: 75 ohm BNC, 100 Ohm RJ45
Maximum Signal Voltage: 1.1 Vp-p
Return Loss: > 15 dB to 8 MHz
Common Mode Rejection: > 40 dB @ 8 MHz
Temperature Range: 0 to 55°C operating, -22 to 80°C Storage, 95% Relative Humidity
Casing: Fire Retardant Plastic ABS UL 94V-0
Maximum Distance:

Colour: Up to 400 m Cat 5e

B&W: Up to 600 m Cat 5e

Grounding: At one end Recommended
Compatible with: E10180C / E10180V / E10185C / E10185SC / E10185PC
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