Ajax MotionProtect Plus Sensor – White

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The Ajax MotionProtect Plus is equipped with a microwave sensor that notifies the owner of first signs of home or office intrusion. Designed for rooms with air conditioners, fireplaces and where there is a likelihood of light flickering, glare and reflections. Detects and ignores draughts, movement of curtains and blinds, and light flickering, glare and reflections.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Tampering alarm
  • Ignores cats and dogs with weight of up to 20 kg and height up to 50 cm
  • The additional microwave sensor filters possible interference from the air conditioner and curtain movement
Electro-optical combined radio channel security detector
Type of detector
Installation method
Sensing element
PIR sensor, microwave sensor (24 GHz)
Alarm signal delivery time
0.15 s
Motion detection distance
Up to 12 m
Detection angles
Horizontal — 88.5°
Vertical — 80°
Adjustable, 3 levels
Recommended installation height
2.4 m
Pet immunity
Weight — up to 20 kg
Height — up to 50 cm
Power supply
Battery: CR123A battery, 3 V
Battery life
Up to 5 years
Jeweller radio technology
Communication range with central unit — up to 1,200 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies — 868.0-868.6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Detector polling period — 12−300 s
Temperature sensor
Operating temperature range
From -10°С to +40°С
Permissible humidity
Up to 75%


Protection against fraud
Jamming detection
Remote setting and testing
110 × 65 × 50 mm
96 g
Complete set


MotionProtect Plus motion detector
SmartBracket mounting panel
CR123A battery (pre-installed)
Installation set
User’s guide