Ajax Hub 2 – Black

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The Ajax Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broken windows, threats of fire and flooding. If burglars break into your facility, Hub 2 will notify the monitoring station and send photos from the MotionCam detectors. You won’t need to live under the constant supervision of the security cameras to know what’s going on.

  • Main Power Supply: 110−240 V, Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 А·h, Up to 16 hours of offline operation when the Ethernet is switched off
  • Dimensions – 163×163×36 mm
  • Coverage area up to 2000 m
  • Two-way radio communication
  • Encryption with a modified AES algorithm
  • Frequency hopping
  • Checks the functionality of detectors at least every 12 seconds
  • Alerts about threats, channel interference, or malfunctions
  • Operates for up to 16 hours during a blackout