MGB-GT – SFP-Port TP RJ45 Module

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SFP-Port TP RJ45 Module

  • Complies with the IEEE 802.3ab/802.3z Gigabit Ethernet standard
  • 1 x 1000Mbps TP/LC fiber port
  • Duplex/Single LC connector
  • Differential PECL inputs and outputs
  • Single power supply 3.3V
  • TTL signal detect indicator
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • 0 to 60 degrees C operating temperature for MGB-GT/MGB-SX/MGB-SX2/MGB-LX/MGB-L40/MGB-L80/MGB-L120/ MGB-LA10&MGB-LB10/MGB-LA20&MGB-LB20/MGB-LA40&MGB-LB40/MGB-LA80&MGB-LB80
MGB-GT - SFP-Port TP RJ45 Module
PHY Type IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T
Connector Copper
Maximum Distance 100m
Operating Temperature 0~60 degrees C
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