IGT-905A - Planet Industrial Managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

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The IGT-905A extends communication distance with high Gigabit performance via fiber optical wire, in which the distance could be extended up to 120km, specifically designed with durable components and strong housing to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. Being able to operate under the temperature range from -30 to 75 degrees C, and can be placed in almost any difficult environment.


  • 1-Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 with auto negotiation and auto-MDI/MDI-X function
  • 1-Port 1000Base-SX SC interface, provides long distance up to 220/550m on IGT-902T
  • 1-Port 1000Base-LX SC interface, provides long distance for 10km on IGT-902TS
  • 1 Mini-GBIC slot, provides multi choice of SFP modules on IGT-905

  • Industrial Conformance
  • 12V to 48V DC, redundant power
  • -30 to 75 degrees C operating temperature
  • IP-30 metal case
  • Relay alarm for port breakdown
  • Supports 6KV DC Ethernet ESD protection
  • Free fall, Shock and Vibration Stability
  • DIN-rail and wall-mountable hardware design

Layer 2 Features

  • Store-and-Forward mechanism
  • Prevents packet loss with back pressure (half-duplex) and IEEE 802.3x pause frame flow control (full-duplex)
  • Maximum frame size to 9216 Bytes
  • Loop detection / Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast storm control
  • Supports VLANs
    – IEEE 802.1Q Tagged based VLAN
    – Up to 16 VLANs groups, out of 4K VLAN IDs
    – Management VLAN

Quality of Service

  • Ingress/Egress Bandwidth control on TP / Fiber port
  • 4 priority queues, strict priority and Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
  • Traffic classification by:
  • –IEEE 802.1p Class of Service
  • –IP DSCP priority
  • –IP Address priority


  • Built-in IP-based Web interface for remote management
  • SNMP v1 / v2c and 4 RMON groups, Event trap and SNMP trap support
  • Manual IP address setting / DHCP client for IP address assignment
  • TS-1000 OAM / IEEE 802.3ah OAM / Loop Back Test
  • 16 TCP / UDP Filter groups
  • Password setting, IP setting and devices description setting through Planet Smart discovery utility
  • Firmware upgrade via remote Web interface
  • Reset Button at the front panel for the factory default reset
  • Display the current operating temperature
Hardware Specifications
Copper Interface 1 x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 Auto-MDI/MDI-X port
Optic Interface IGT-902T: SC IGT-902TS: SC IGT-905A: SFP
Optical Mode IGT-902T: Multi-mode IGT-902TS: Single mode IGT-905A: Vary on module
Optic Wavelength IGT-902T: 850nm IGT-902TS: 1310nm IGT-905A : Vary on module
Launch Power(dBm) MAX. IGT-902T: -4 dBm IGT-902TS: -3 dBmMin. IGT-902T: -9.5 dBm IGT-902TS: -9.5 dBm
Receive Sensitivity IGT-902T: -13.5 dBm IGT-902TS: -14.4 dBm
Maximum Input power IGT-902T: -18 dBm IGT-902TS: -20 dBm
Speed Twisted-pair 10/20Mbps for Half / Full-Duplex 100/200Mbps for Half / Full Duplex 2000Mbps for Full-DuplexFiber-optic 2000Mbps for Full-Duplex
Cable Twisted-pair 10Base-T: 2-pair UTP Cat. 3,4,5, up to 100 m 100Base-TX: 2-pair UTP Cat. 5, up to 100 m 1000Base-T: 4-pair STP Cat 5,6 up to 100mFiber-optic Cable • 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm multi-mode fiber cable, up to 220/550m. • 9/125μm single-mode cable, provides long distance for 10/15/20/30/40/50/60/70/120km (vary on fiber transceiver or SFP module)
LED indicator • Power: P1, P2, Fault • TP: LNK/ACT, 1000 • Fiber: LNK/ACT
Power Input DC 12V to 48V Redundant power with polarity reverse protection function
Power Consumption 7.9 Watts/ 27 BTU (maximum)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 135 x 85 x 32 mm
Weight 423g
Installation DIN rail kit and wall mount ear
Management and Layer 2 Features
Management Interface WEB / SNMP v1, v2c
Port Configuration Port disable/enable Auto negotiation 10/100/1000Mbps full and half duplex mode selection. Flow Control disable / enable. Bandwidth control on each port.
VLAN IEEE 802.1q Tagged based VLAN , 4K VLAN ID, up to 16 VLAN groups Q-in-Q VLAN
QoS Traffic classification based on : • 802.1p priority • IP DSCP field in IP Packet • IP Address
Bandwidth Control Ingress / Egress bandwidth control • Rate range: 512kbps to 500Mbps Storm control • Broadcast / Multicast / Unknown Unicast packet
Standard Conformance
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX / FX Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-SX / LX Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3x Full-Duplex Flow Control
Regulation Compliance FCC Part 15 Class A, CE
Stability Testing IEC60068-2-32(Free fall) IEC60068-2-27(Shock) IEC60068-2-6(Vibration)
Environmental Specifications
Temperature Operating: -30~75 degrees C Storage: -40~85 degrees C
Humidity Operating: 5~90% (non-condensing) Storage: 5~90% (non-condensing)