ANT-SE17D - Planet 2x2 MIMO 2.4GHz 17dBi Sector Antenna

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The ANT-SE17D features 2×2 MIMO technology with 17dBi high-gain signal sensitivity and 90-degree sectorial coverage, and are equipped with two N-type female connectors. They are perfectly helpful for 802.11n and 802.11ac outdoor wireless access points in multithreaded communications as they offer a maximum throughput of 300Mbps or 866Mbps for long-distance Point-to-Multipoint coverage and wireless applications.

  • 2×2 MIMO  dual-polarity sector antenna
  • Powerful gain of 17dBi  and frequency of 2400~2500MHz
  • Half-power beamwidth (H: 90 degrees, V: 7 degrees)
  • Transmittance distance of up to 8km
  • IP67 rating
  • 2 N-type female connectors
Frequency 2400-2500MHz
Antenna type Dual-polarity Sector Antenna
Gain (dBi) 2 x 16.5
Front-to-back ratio (dB) ≥23
Input impedance (Ω) 50
Isolation between ports ≥28dB
Cross-polar ratio ≥15dB@0 degrees
≥10dB@+/-60 degrees
Sidelobe suppression for first sidelobe above horizon 15 dB
VSWR ≤1.5
Beamwidth angle Horizontal 90 degrees
Vertical 7 degrees
Maximum input power (W) 200
Lightning protection DC grounding
Input connector type 2 N-type female
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1000 x 114 x 54 mm
Antenna weight (kg) 6
Mechanical tilt angle 0 ~ 10 degrees
Mounting hardware (mm) ¢35 ~¢75
Rated wind velocity (m/s) 60
Operating temperature -40 ∼ 60 degrees C