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Features of Alnet:
  • Up to 512 cameras
  • Up to 32 cameras on one server
  • Support for video analytics
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Bookmark function
  • Advanced archive browser
  • Recording & ‘live’ playback of up to 32 audio channels
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Support Multi-server connection
  • PTZ control
  • Digital zoom
  • Alarm inputs & outputs
  • Easy to use GUI
  • No server license Fees CMS and Mobile Application free of charge
  • Back-up function
  • Powerful CMS client software
  • Multi-stream support
  • Watermark
  • Programmable alarm inputs & switches
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Multi-level e-maps
  • Client and Mobile application for Windows7, Windows mobile, SymbianOS, iPhone, Blackberry & Android.

Developed to be implemented on installations consisting from four to hundreds of IP Cameras. Full scalability of the software allows users to fine-tune the size of the system to meet individual needs. Thanks to the open software architecture, the user is free to choose from nearly 1000 integrated IP cameras from all major manufacturers. The software has been developed and deployed for over many years and works on about 70,000 installations worldwide, which confirms the high reliability & functionality of this system.
Hybrid solutions are useful in installations where an existing Analogue installation is present and camera expansions are based on IP. In such cases, the NetHybrid system is a very scalable and flexible solution which, at a low cost, allows the migration of analogue and IP Technologies in one system.
NetHybrid HD is the newest innovation from Alnet Systems. This hybrid digital video recorder is designated to co-operate with standards for HDSDI cameras. This is the first solution of this type on the market allowing video recording from 3 different technologies (CCTV + IP + HDSDI) on one system.
CMS Professional is an advanced client application that works in conjunction with NetStation & NetHybrid servers. The software provides the capability of remote monitoring both one location and larger systems consisting of several hundred servers, no matter the distance between them. Expanded support for 8 monitors makes the CMS application suitable for advanced monitoring stations in an inexpensive & fast installation.

Each client application has the capability of recording video streams from Alnet servers, creating a redundant backup in case of server damage. Recorded streams can be easily accessed through the archive module, which contains all of the same functions that are available on the server.
Alnet Systems’ CMS Mobile application, designed for mobile phones and PDA, is currently one of the most advanced solutions on the market. CMS Mobile allows remote access to NetStation / NetHybrid servers from almost everywhere on the planet.
YouTube Videos Free Trial CMS Download
 Open Platfrom NVR Hardware
Part No: NViS-6220
2RU Rackmount
NVR Hardware Platform 
More Information
Part No: NViS-5604
4 Bay Tower NVR with Intel® Processor
NVR Hardware Platform
More Information
Part No: NViS-3542
In-Vehicle Mobile
NVR Surveillance System
with Intel® Core
4/8 Ports of PoE
More Information
Part No: NViS-1204
Desktop NVR with built in PoE
NVR Surveillance System
with Intel® Haswell Celeron
4/8 Ports of PoE
More Information
 IP Cameras
Part No: NCo-201-VHR
2MP Outdoor
IR Vandal Dome
with Smart IR
Motorized lens,
P-Iris, True WDR, IK10
Dome Camera 
More Information
Part No: NCi-211-R
2MP Indoor
Smart IR, DWDR
Vari-Focal Lens
Compact Mini
Dome Camera 
More Information
Part No: NCr-302
3 Mega Pixel Bullet
IP Camera 
IR/Water/Vandal Proof
More Information
Part No: NCi-212
2MP Indoor Recessed
Wing Design
Fixed Lens
Mini Dome Camera 
More Information
Part No: NCr-312-OVR
3MP Mini Bullet Camera
Smart IR with 20M
Fixed Lens, DWDR
More Information
Part No: NCb-221
Extreme Ultra Low Light
2MP Box CS Mount
Digital WDR
DC iris
Micro SD card slot
Lens Optional
More Information




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